Lady sparks reaction online as she uses her father’s head to stretch her wig

The lady uses her father’s head to stretch her wig, and in an engrossing video, she recounts his reaction.

The woman said how her father had consented to have his head used as a mannequin to extend her wig.

She started using a stretcher to get the dad’s hair to look straight after giving him a wig.

Her father continued producing a grimace to indicate that the treatment was hurting his head, and he appeared uneasy with the wig being put on his head.

Check out reactions that followed …

percksss__ said: “Only a last born daughter can subject her father to this 😂😂”

isabella_aliyu remarked: “Omo ur papa too resemble oracle😂😂”

brendanukagod__ commented: “Give this man his trophy 🏆 😂”

iamdbull stated: “What are our men turning into? Can she try this with Pete edochie”

princejama_ wrote: “Power of daughters. It’s only a female child that can make a man go out of his way 😂😂”

iam_cocoblack noted: “If you’ve got a flexible dad…you don’t know that God has done for you 😍❤️🙌”

_big.brownie remarked: “Make una no dy stress una parents 😂”

sexy_mary.ben said: “Hahaha 😂😂😂😂😂The most funny thing I saw online today”

bigsmart__ said: “Fathers are the best”


Watch video below …

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