Man scolds Chef Derin, Saskay’s boyfriend, for dumping his friend in order to get notoriety.

Saskay’s lover Chef Derin has come under fire from an X user for supposedly abandoned his friend in favor of popularity.

Recently, Chef Derin has been in the spotlight due to the purported online leaks of his friend’s conversations by some unidentified individuals.

Since then, a member on X’s page has criticized Chef Derin for abandoning his friend in favor of Saskay.

He continued by calling out Chef Derin’s playboyish behavior.

He wrote, “God will punish you for what you did to me friend, how you used her, f#cked up her life and dumped her for Saskay Olorun you will never see good in your life. Look at how you’ve disgraced yourself, you dumped my friend for the fame now you’ve gotten it yet you’re not satisfied.”

But according to reports, Derin called the online conversations false and said he had never dumped anyone.


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