Mixed emotions as Omah Lay performs Holy Ghost in Germany: “This looks so devilish”

After videos of Omah Lay engaging in obscene dancing routines with another woman in Germany went public, the actor provoked uproar.

This occurs some weeks after his London incident broke the heart of a young man.

The Soso crooner, Omah Lay, added a unique stage show to his live performance of his 2023 hit song Holy Ghost in a different video from his concert in Germany.

Omah Lay was observed accompanied by a group of dancers clutching crucifixes and dressed in black.

Holy Ghost by Omah Lay includes the line, “Holy Ghost fire, supernatural boost my confidence.”


Some of the reactions from the video are included below:


seanpharmar: “Lord Jesus have mercy!I think it’s time to leave social media for real? As in What is this? God have mercy.”

callmeboi_lyrix: “Omahlay has tapped into his stage creative side i see the debate of who is a better performer rising soon.”

dkarizma: “Why is Holy Ghost, and Jesus cross being associated with mami water???”

naijagirlinfinland: “What blasphemous mix between satanism and Christianity!”

swadddee: “This looks so devilish though.”

iampradoly: “I no even believe all of una before make una continue yall tell us by the sign but we ignore.”

best__7_12: “Most underrated artist Give him his flowers He ain’t got no bad song Can listen to all his songs all week.”

suparay_dike: “In as much as this song is sweet and I love omalay, that part where he said Holyghost is my mami water(marine spirit) it’s not to be taken lightly at all! The holy ghost is not mami water!”


Watch full video here:

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