Naira abuse: Timi Agbaje reveals why Bobrisky was imprisoned but Cubana Chief Priest was not.

Nigerian content creator Timi Agbaje has given a thorough explanation for why socialite Cubana Chief Priest was allowed to live freely despite being charged with the same crime as crossdresser Bobrisky.

Bobrisky was sentenced to six months in prison without the possibility of a fine last week by a Federal High Court in the state of Lagos after entering a guilty plea to Naira misuse.

However, after Cubana Chief Priest entered a not guilty plea to Naira abuse on Wednesday, April 17, the same court granted him N10 million bail.

Law graduate Timi Agbaje stated that Bobrisky’s guilty plea and Cubana Chief Priest’s not guilty plea were the reasons for the court’s different rulings.

As to his statement, Bobrisky’s plea left him with two realistic options: either he had to pay a fine or face jail time.

Nonetheless, Cubana Chief Priest was released on bail since the law states that there is no case unless the EFCC can show beyond a reasonable doubt that he stole money from Nigeria.

Timi Agbaje continued by stating that the defense attorney may claim that the money seen spray-painted on the EFCC’s footage is not legitimate money.

Watch him speak below;


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