“Nigerians are hypocrites” – Sarah Martins reacts to people criticizing the missing ladies

Sarah Martins, an actress from Nigeria, has expressed her dissatisfaction with Nigerians’ hypocrisy regarding the missing women.

She brought up the story of Celine and her friend Afiba, who was from Ghana, who vanished after going to Abia State to see someone they had met on Facebook.

Sarah reminded Nigerians that some individuals have found love on social media and chastised them for judging and criticizing the women.

She begged them to stop bothering the helpless women, stressing that anyone may have experienced this.

In addition, Sarah talked about her own positive social media encounters with kind people, using gospel artist Moses Bliss as an example of how he met his wife on the platform.

“Nigerians are hypocrites!

Same people who met the love of their lives on social are busy bashing the ladies that visited Black Sheep abi na Black Sheriff.

Truth be told, most of us meet our partners on social media, so stop using it as an opportunity to bully those innocent ladies is not fair! It could have been anyone.

Someone like me that doesn’t even go out…

I can’t remember the last time I stepped out of my house and agreed to exchange numbers with strangers….

I’ve met good people on this app, and a lot of you even got married through this same social media.

Condemn online sex hawking (hook up/ runs, etc ) but not someone who met u online with genuine intentions.

Even Moses Bliss met his beautiful wife on IG, and the online relationship turned into a physical relationship, then marriage.

Stop using every opportunity to talk down on women.

The ladies I saw in those videos were looking decent, and I believe they all thought they’d met a responsible man for themselves.

It is well!

God will help us”.

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