Nigerians are not allowed entry into a Chinese supermarket in Abuja.

Online footage shows a Chinese supermarket in Abuja enforcing a discriminatory policy that prevents Nigerian nationals from accessing or purchasing there.

The shop, which is well-known for its Chinese cuisine and beverages, allegedly discriminates against Nigerians by limiting admission to those of Chinese descent.

Several irate people have taken to social media to discuss their unsettling experiences they had while trying to visit the aforementioned establishment.

A Nigerian man related his story, expressing shock at being turned away at the door.

They told me at the gate that the supermarket is strictly for Chinese people. You are a Nigerian, you can’t go inside, you can’t buy anything,” the man said.

A reporter from Punch, a well-known Nigerian news organization, visited the supermarket to investigate and corroborate these allegations.

The correspondent, however, encountered the same opposition and was not allowed to go shopping.

The guards at the door acknowledged the directive, which had allegedly been issued by the management earlier this year, but they offered no explanation for why it was being enforced.

We were not informed of any reason for the policy, but we have told them to remove all adverts from the Internet so that people would stop coming,” one of the security personnel said.

Netizens Reactions…

Lagoslandlord said; “If they can’t allow us in let them leave , we can’t be a second option all around the world ,and be home to face the same faith , this has to be treated with urgency.”

fatna said; “In H-Medix in at Gimbiya Street Garlic in Abuja – the restaurant not the snack side – I and my children were denied entry.”

Rhoda Omo Osagie said; “Yesooo that how low we are in our country. I went to the supermarket at China town Lagos. omo the look they gave me was embarrassing. na our fault.”

JELAD said; “Starting from the local authorities the supermarket should be sealed and then investigated.”

Nana Adjei sika wura said; “The truth is that, this is private business is not government they can get permit to operate in certain limits. Also it might be of certain attitude.”

Austine Abah said; “I dey go there with my friends tomorrow, if they no born them well make they talk anyhow make i see. for my Country again ??? e no fit happen.”

eng.monrovia said; “This need to go viral because maybe they are selling human being there or other secret.”



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