Nina Ivy talks about how she nearly named her son after her ex “Miracle”

Reality TV personality Nina Ivy has opened up about the difficulties she had while pregnant and her son’s amazing birth.

Nina Ivy talked candidly about her struggles and said that the event had caused her to consider naming her boy after her former partner, Miracle.

In her reflection, Nina Ivy talked about the challenging experience she had at her son’s early birth.

She revealed that she was only six months pregnant when her kid, who weighed just two pounds, was born.

Nina Ivy’s supposed two-week coma following childbirth compounded the severity of her own health problems.

The reality star claims that her family was informed by the physicians that she didn’t have a decent chance of surviving during this critical period.


Denzel, her baby, battled for his life in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for a terrible four months.

Writing on her horrific experience of struggling for her life while hooked up to life support systems and ventilators, Nina Ivy shared her terrifying story.

When, against all odds, she emerged from the coma after two weeks, she discovered that her child had survived.

Looking back on the event, Nina Ivy revealed she had thought of calling her baby Miracle after the unusual circumstances of his birth.

Nevertheless, owing of her association with the Big Brother Niger narrative, she ultimately decided against doing so, fearing backlash and harassment.

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