Nissi makes an explosive premiere at Sounds of Brazil, lighting up New York City.

On Friday, March 15, the iconic Sounds of Brazil (SOBs) were electrified by the multi-talented singer-songwriter Nissi, making her New York City debut. The passionate singer-songwriter enthralled the audience with her contagious enthusiasm and a stirring live performance, providing an amazing evening of music and dancing.

With a dynamic set choice that included all of their greatest hits, including the irresistible rhythm of “Overthinking” and the throbbing anthem “Nobody,” Nissi wowed the crowd. When Nissi brought fellow Nigerian artist Teni to the stage to perform a live version of their joint track, “Thunder,” the audience erupted.

Nissi’s uncanny ability to merge beautiful vocals with bright Afrobeats rhythms and to switch between exhilarating interpretations of her singles and well-known hits was on full display during the thrilling performance.

Nissi’s New York debut fulfilled expectations by providing an amazing experience for music lovers, Afrobeats aficionados, and her devoted fan base, Nissi Nation. Nissi, with her mesmerizing stage presence and contagious song, is about to blow up the globe.





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