“No money, no love” – Lady reveals her relationship preference.  

A young Nigerian woman creates a stir when she says that a woman should only be motivated by money to be in a relationship.

A Tiktok user going by the handle @creamybest used the platform to convey her opinions about the dating pool. “No money, no love” is how the lady describes why she is in a relationship.

The woman claims that financial gain is the only worthwhile outcome of a relationship; in the absence of financial gain, she makes no effort to get to know a toaster.

She went on to draw comparisons between normal people and cute guys, pointing out that the latter are frequently wealthier and invest more in their partners.

According to her

Let’s share ideas, what is actually keeping you in a relationship? Aside the sexual pleasure, money is the essential thing. Wetin I won love you for? I love ugly guys die! Ugly guys go take care of you. Fine guys, na only few of them get money.”


Reactions as Nigerian lady chooses money over love in a relationship

simbistar100 said: “She’s not speaking for all of us pls , know the difference between dating a girl and a classy lady , some of us are trying financially we jst want you to come with sense , love and loyalty 🙏.”

ibim.cookey penned: “Why do poor people always assume that rich people want to spend on them 😂.”

blessingdikeocha added: “The more I stay on the internet, the more I find millions of reasons to appreciate my parents 🙌.”

_callmebami stated: “Omooooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭 buh this century truly money does all the work and live takes credit for it. I’m a lover girl I love love and my prayer always is whosoever I love and end up with will never be broke;will never go broke so our love will continue to flourish.”

bigshout_ opined: “We need to start empowering our young women so they can be financially independent 😮.”

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