Omah Lay causes people to reaction as he dances passionately with a fan on stage yet again, saying, “He don hijack another person babe.”

Social media is ablaze with outrage as Nigerian musician Omah Lay danced intimately with a fan on stage once more.

Omah Lay was criticized for dancing provocatively with the girlfriend of another guy while performing on a London stage.

Unexpectedly, the woman brought her boyfriend along to the concert, who appeared unhappy as they danced onstage.

The singer did the same trick on stage with another woman at a recent concert.

People  heard him saying: “Easy, easy.” I’ll bend you. Don’t worry. No rushing.


Reacting to the post..


@Popey asserted: “He is just setting himself up, when he blows the sexual harassment case will begin to roll out”

@Clinton Nelson asked: “What exactly does he seek to achieve with such scenes”

@Omo Kogi suggested: “I’ll suggest we all cancel Omah lay because this is getting out of hand. E don hijack another person babe ”

@Uzomagists stated: “Omay lay must be checked maybe he is on something”

@C in C wrote: “He won just make all man single he breaks every relationship in sight”

Watch video here


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