Online users remark, “If only his dad was here,” as Mohbad’s son begins to walk without assistance.

Internet users have been moved to tears by a video of late singer Mohbad’s kid Liam walking without assistance, and they are gushing about how much he has grown.

It will be remembered that on September 12, 2023, the singer passed away. He left behind a wife and a child.

But after his death, a lot of accusations surfaced since some opponents believe the child wasn’t Mohbad’s, and a DNA test should be done to confirm or refute this.

In a recent video that went viral, Mohbad’s youngster is shown walking unassisted for the first time.

Many said they hoped his father was still with him to witness his first steps

See some reactions from the video below;

rosythrone said: “This baby is just a copy and paste of Mohbad! His light will never quench”

isedagbonre commented: “I hope you all have now seen that that tall for nothing man is a very w|!ked person. this Queen should open y’all eyes to see who he truly is. He is a plant in the industry and he has certain Job roles. It’s just a pity! He told so much fabricated lies about Queen. He knew nothing about her yet came out to yarn dust. E nor go better for that guy. Na so w take use mouth dey do anyhow for Mohbad case.”

official_david_richies stated: “All of you asking for DNA Test I no sure say na una papa really born una.”

evve__lynn remarked: “And one stup!d ode came and told u guys that this isn’t mohbad’s son😪”

zammyjaay said: “He will be great and live longer than his father 🙌❤️”

Watch video below

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