“People do not accept change” – Real Warri Pikin expresses guilt for speaking out about weight reduction.

The Nigerian comedian Real Warri Pikin recently talked about how she nearly regretted disclosing her weight loss journey because of the unfavorable comments she got.

She disclosed that a number of health problems brought on by her weight had prompted her to get a gastric sleeve operation.

Real Warri Pikin said in a JoyNews interview with Ghanaian journalist Doreen Avio that her health issues had led to recurrent hospital stays, which had impacted her capacity to work and provide for herself.

She talked about how difficult it was for her to reject down humorous invitations and even return money that was given to her.

The comedian-turned-actress acknowledged that she regretted the negative remarks she received after disclosing her surgical experience and that she had second-guessed her choice to reveal more information about her makeover.

She said;

“I almost regretted coming out to say my truth, because people do not accept change. They are stuck with the old version of you because your old version makes them happy, and comfortable. They are plus size, they’re big, they can relate and it makes them happy. So, when you change they feel like you’ve betrayed them, they can’t accept change.”

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