Rapper OdumoduBlvck declares, “I want to make my rap sweet and exciting, just like Wizkid.”


Rapper OdumoduBlvck from Nigeria shares his ambition to become the country’s Wizkid of rap.

Even though he has the ability to produce classic hip-hop like American artists like Eminem, he has chosen not to, he continued.

He asserts that Nigerians are simply unable to understand hip-hop.

A podcast interview with OdumoduBlvcki recently provided his opinions.

He chose to simplify his rap in order to assure economic success since he thinks that melodic music is more appealing to Nigerians.

In the same way that Wizkid transformed R&B in Nigeria, he stated that his objective is to make Nigerian rap interesting.

While some Nigerian artists have experimented with pure rap, he claims that they have not been able to generate the necessary enthusiasm from fans.

He declared:


Some Nigerians did pure rap but they didn’t make it exciting for people to gravitate towards it.

“People said my rap sounds like nursery school rhymes. I dumbed it down so I can sell these records, so you don’t have to think twice. When you listen to my rap, if you understand the lingo you get it once. You don’t have to go to any dictionary.

“It’s not hard core rap. It’s easy. I’ve made it exciting. Just like Wizkid, I want to make my rap sweet and exciting.

“I can rap like Eminem and all these guys but bro where I come from nobody is gonna listen to that stuff. They don’t understand it.”

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