Rema exits the J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival stage due to subpar sound.

Nigerian Afrobeats musician Rema gained notoriety during the North Carolina Dreamville Festival in 2024.

The performer startled spectators and organizers on Sunday by exiting the stage unexpectedly midway through his performance.

On the second day of the festival, Rema was playing his hit song “Calm Down” at Raleigh’s Dix Park. However, his performance was hampered by recurring sound problems.

Due to the bad audio quality, which interfered with his set’s flow, he decided to end the performance.

Rema raised her voice and spoke to the crowd. He pushed for fairness for African performers performing abroad. It was clear he was frustrated when he exclaimed:

Hold on, there are too many sound issues. It’s messing up my whole performance. I’m seriously not feeling this sh*t. I’m representing Africa, and this is too messed up. If the sound cannot be perfect for every artist that gets on this stage… Africa is in the house, and you are messing sh*t up”


The American hip-hop icon J. Cole developed the Dreamville Festival. The yearly celebration of creativity, music, and culture draws attendees and artists from all over the world.

Rema visits his former mater in a different tale and runs into a college professor who had assisted him in skipping class to attend a music studio.

By visiting his secondary school, Ighile Group of Schools in Edo State, to catch up with some of his former teachers, the chart-topping rapper created a commotion.

Rema was seen interacting with his professors in a viral video on the internet, sharing his path from being a student to a well-known singer.


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