Ruth Kadiri Didn’t Receive Any Nominations or Awards at the AMVCA 2024

Following Ruth Kadiri‘s (a well-known Nollywood filmmaker) lack of acknowledgment at the most recent AMVCA ceremony, some online users have responded.

Even though Kadiri regularly creates and uploads a new film to her YouTube channel every week, gaining millions of views from people all over Africa and beyond, she hasn’t won any awards—especially none from the AMVCA.

Different internet users have different opinions. Some claim that Kadiri’s films have a small budget, while others think the AMVCA might not now give priority to YouTube works.

Several remarks on the internet:

@cruisenation said: AMVCA rewards excellence not nediocrity. This people need to understand that acting and movie production is not a walk in the park, it is serious business. She has chosen the youtube path, to make money from views, whether it makes sense or not, just sha act and put it there. She is rich and that’s what she wants.

John_3 said Ruth youtube movie is just one level above Asabawood and that is fact

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