Samklef clarifies that Davido’s father, not Davido, recently purchased a jet.

Nigerian music producer Samklef has stirred up controversy with his recent remarks over Davido‘s purported acquisition of a brand-new private aircraft.

Samklef says Davido’s father bought the jet, which goes against Davido’s tweet about his latest acquisition. Samklef congratulated Davido on Instagram, but he did it in a tongue-in-cheek manner, suggesting that Davido’s father should get the real credit.

Samklef questioned Davido’s ownership of the plane in a number of posts.

By asserting that Davido’s father was the real owner of the private jet and hinting that Davido wasn’t deserving of the credit, the music producer stoked the flames.

Samklef made fun of people who might be jealous of Davido’s success and made hints that they would be critical of him for coming out.

According to him;

โ€œCongratulations to davido as his dad don buy another private jet! Where una papa Dey when davido papa Dey make money ?

My own papa don die since 1996 I was 11 just in case una wan ask me back the question.

So una papa Dey alive and him mate Dey buy private jet.

Una papa na failed papa o! Una papa wey Dey use him small salary carry olosho for pekers Allen avenue, How una see this sub?

This sub na for the people wey don ever abuse samklef for him page.

Make nobody jealous Davido o! Anything wey davido papa get na davido get am! Na me say make una papa no make amโ€

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