Searching for a wife, Speed Darlington makes a list of requirements

Well-known musician Speed Darlington talks about his triumphs and the qualities he wants in a spouse as he starts his search for union.

He posts a picture to social media with the tagline, “Wife Wanted,” and includes a list of the qualities he’s looking for: her age, height, weight, complexion, and desire to be a virgin.

On the other side of the picture, however, he flaunted his accomplishments, driving an eighteen-year-old Mercedes, owning six pieces of land, being able to enter the US, having more clothes than he needs, and so forth.



See reactions from netizens below:


dieu_dara wrote: “More shirt than I need is a flex 😂😂😂😂”

thefoodnetworking2 noted: “You forgot to add that she must ready to be a backup singer and your best cheerleader…Bengdengdengdeng 😎”

egho16 asked: “Is the land that Chinasa took among the 6 plots? He has to clarify please so applicants will know if it’s 6 or 5 plots he has.”

bundle said: “I like the fact that he is honest and plain”

berrywhyte12 stated: “Looks more like obituary postal 😂😂”


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