“Shallipopi is the most dangerous rapper in Nigeria.”- Kuti Seun


Seun Kuti, a well-known singer from Nigeria, has revealed who he believes to be the most dangerous rapper in the nation, citing Shallipopi.

Seun Kuti did not hold back while outlining the rationale behind his decision, using a particularly contentious Shallipopi song as an excellent example.

Seun Kuti brought up a line from Shallipopi’s song during the video broadcast, in which the rapper hinted that women in relationships might harbor urges to have intimate interactions with him.

Shallipopi, however, made it clear in his songs that he is not the type of person to accept such approaches.

The outspoken musician warned Shallipopi’s pals not to leave him alone with their ladies, voicing his concerns about the ramifications of such lyrics.

Seun Kuti stressed that the offending lyric was frightening and might cause arguments or misunderstandings in relationships.

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