Sheggz says, “I can kneel and beg in public,” outlining what he can do for his partner in the event that he offends her.

Big Brother Naija star Sheggz has stated that he can get down on his knees in front of people and ask for forgiveness if he offends a woman.

The reality TV personality declared that he would kneel in public or at home if he thought the woman deserved an apology. Sheggz revealed this in a radio interview with Clout Africa, where he discussed his damaging background as a crafty and deceitful relationship guy.

According to him, for partnerships to succeed, people need to be able to own their errors and extend an apology, showing that they are genuine about taking responsibility and repentance.

Sheggz said;

“I can kneel and beg. In my own house, in my yard, who is seeing me? I can even kneel in front of people on the road, I don’t care, if you are that deserving. If you are not that deserving, I am not gonna do that.


But if I feel like I’ve made a mistake and losing you is because of my mistake then I am gonna apologize. I am gonna fight for it, that’s a real man. If you can’t do that for your woman then I don’t really know what you are on.”

Watch video below;


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