Singer Dunsin Oyekan says, “I don’t charge.” He mentions that he does not get paid for his administrative work.


Gospel artist Dunsin Oyekan recently shared his opinions on a contentious argument regarding some of his colleagues charging for ministry like secular performers.

Singer Dunsin Oyekan says, “I don’t charge.” He mentions that some of his colleagues get paid for their administrative work but he does not charge to minister at churches.

Dunsin Oyekan—famous for his white suit—told video producer Timi Agbaje that some of his colleagues do.

The artist claims that serving at Christian events without charging is mandated by his ordination. He continued by saying that God still rewards him despite the fact that he does not take payments.

He said;

It is a dicey question, it depends on what the Lord has told you, I called it your consecration, my consecration demands that I don’t charge, but God blesses me,” 

Dunsin has disclosed that he “gets high” before ministering by prayer in the Spirit, in contrast to other secular musicians who depend on alcohol and other drugs before taking the stage to perform.

I get high in the holy ghost, by praying in the spirit, I ascend into the realm of spirit,” he added.

Watch Dunsin speak here


The gospel singer, who has performed at well-known Christian events like The Experience, did not charge for his ministry, which shocked several internet users. Read a few of the comments that are below.

topfm2001: “By their fruits… Dunsin is a blessing.”


chef___singer: “One of God’s sharpest tools in this age of revival. Man like Sir, Dunsin.”

rodrickg_: “Very eloquent. You know people that are filled with the Holy Spirit just by hearing them speak.”

iam_oziohu: “This man is anointed.”

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