“So Bobrisky didn’t bring her buttocks and breast to court?” – A healthcare practitioner notes

Renowned physician Penking on Twitter offers his thoughts on Bobrisky’s most recent court appearance.

Wondering what had become of his implants in his buttocks and breasts, the doctor posted a video of the transvestite to his Twitter account.

Bobrisky entered a guilty plea to the charge in court after the EFCC allegedly apprehended him for allegedly mutilating the naira.

Bobrisky appeared in an elegantly shot video wearing a long black gown, his buttocks and breasts nearly undetectable.

The transvestite has always taken great pride in his numerous operations to accentuate his feminine features.

These are some responses to the courtroom video of Bobrisky.

@noble_benz9 said: “Mommy of Lagos is not mommying again oo😭

Can’t believe very dark man won at the end”

@RoyaltySparkles commented: “I don’t understand oo, is it detachable or something”

@BobbyMa29381147 added: “So all he show in the internet are all fake? He went to court without his bobs and big yansh”

@DOgbijo claimed: “The plastics are in the Police drawers with her keys and wallet.

They usually say detained persons should put those things away and wear only boxers into the cell na.”

@abdoulrahman_i reacted: “Make Portable no see this brotherhood 😂😂”



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