Stella Udeze discusses “Why actresses have unhappy relationships.”

Actress Stella Udeze of Nollywood has revealed the fundamental causes of Nigerian actresses’ dissatisfaction and short relationship lifespans.

Stella Udeze blames the prevailing view of women in Nollywood, which frequently wrongly portrays them as prostitutes, rather than the actors themselves for these difficulties.

In an exclusive interview with Potpourri, Stella Udeze noted that eighty percent of Nigerian men think that being an actress is the same as being a prostitute.

She contends that this view has a major role in the lack of trust that arises in interactions with actors.

Some actresses don’t seem to have a happy relationship because of trust issues. In Nigeria, 80 percent of men feel that being an actress makes you a prostitute,” Stella Udeze explained.

She went on to discuss the negative effects of these preconceptions, pointing out that although actresses are exposed to the public because of the nature of their work, it is incorrect to categorize and generalize them based just on their choice of profession.

“They should learn to differentiate the good from the bad. We can’t deny the fact that we are exposed to the world. I think when people stop to have this impression about them they will realize we can have the best relationships,” Stella Udeze added.

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