Timi Dakolo Speaks about Mohbad’s postmortem test results

After the pathologist revealed that the cause of death is unknown, Nigerian musician Timi Dakolo commented on the controversy surrounding the autopsy test performed on the late artist Mohbad.

A pathologist recently stated that, despite more than seven months of examination into Mohbad’s death, the body’s deteriorating state made it impossible to determine the cause of death.

Nigerians are dismayed by this revelation because many had thought the crooner’s death mystery would be solved.

Timi Dakolo expressed shock and dismay, asking how his knowledge from crime series differed from what was happening at the time.

He wondered if these programs’ depictions of forensic investigations had mislead him into believing that the cause of death could still be found years later.

He penned:

“Except all the crime Series I have been watching are lying to me, they find bodies after years of being dead and still tell us the Cause of death.”

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