Toke Makinwa remembers how her mother influenced her life and how she was constantly at the bottom of the class.

Well-known TV personality Toke Makinwa talks about how she usually finished last in class and shares an experience with her mother that motivated her to perform better.

The reality star reflected on her struggles as a student who did poorly academically during the debut of her perfume line.

She disclosed that throughout her time in class, she consistently performed poorly and was at the bottom.

Toke Makinwa mentioned that there was a particular instance when she scored 52 out of 52, and she attempted to be cunning by using tipex to remove the 5 and leave the 2.

She disclosed that her mother found out about what she had done and severely chastised her.

But her mother usually came to rouse her from her slumber in order to motivate her to give her studies greater attention.

She mentioned how the event improved her self-perception and helped her accomplish a personal goal.

In her words…

Another incident that shaped my life, I was always at the bottom of my class. There was this time we were like 52 in the class, and I came 52, and a part of me thought I was smart, and I cleaned the 5 and left the 2. I was going home to show my parents that finally, after being bottom of the class, I came second, and when they looked at the report card, they flogged me. She didn’t spare my behind because she was frustrated. I remember when I was feeling ashamed and down, this was the same woman who believed in me and would wake me in the night, telling me to read. Mummy, I know I came last in class, but today, Mummy, I launched a perfume line”.


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