“We Don’t Share a Connection”: Bimbo Ademoye Discusses Her Mother Relationship

The relationship that Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye shares with her mother has been disclosed. She said in a previous interview with Mamedia Entertainment that while her complexion came from her father, she inherited her mother’s stature.

An X user commented that people should be grateful if their parents stayed together to provide them with a solid foundation, which led to a review of the interview.

She claimed that when she was two years old, her mother abandoned her, making her the first person to have betrayed her. Despite their lack of a strong bond, she said, she has been doing her part as her mother’s daughter.

The actress who played Kunle Remi’s best man revealed in a conversation with the show’s host that although her mother lives 20 minutes away, they are not particularly close.

Watch video here;

Here are some reactions to the post.

@FocuzIsaac: “That doesn’t mean she’s not your mum.”

@OIvwa: “This revelation is too heavy the insensitive internet. You cannot find the valuation you’re looking for on the social media. Everything is a receipt to be used for another episode of “this you. I’d rather we keep somethings off social media.”

@_itarex: “They might have lied to her.”

@_Oluwanifemii: “I hope they are able to reconnect someday.”

@ZippyDchamp: “Sorry . Thank God you made it.”

@fargovenus; “This Life.”

@oriadeDplug: “You see people being happy and all. You don’t really know what they’ve been through mentally, a lot of people don’t look like what they’ve been through cause they don’t let their past dictate their future.”

@packageboss2606: “The happiness on her face when she mentioned her dad.”

@Hon_owolewa: “You’re a very private person but here you are telling us the history of your family…cus of podcast mic.”

@OlaOnipekun31: “No wonder she and her Dad are super close.”


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