Why Bobrisky, James Brown, Jay Boogie, and Other Nigerian Crossdressers Cannot Be Arrested by the Police – Police Force PRO

The Police Force Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, has provided an explanation for why crossdressers in Nigeria are not subject to arrest or legal action.

The PRO was questioned on how the police are handling the crossdressing crisis in Nigeria, which has affected celebrities like Bobrisky, James Brown, Jay Boogie, and others, during an appearance on Channels TV.

Certain scenarios are very hard to verify, according to Muyiwa Adejobi. He explained that there are several elements that need to be proven, and if one of them is not proven, a case may be dismissed in court using rape as an example.

He thinks that unless you have solid proof against someone, you cannot arrest someone you plan to prosecute.

To the best of his knowledge, he said, crossdressing is not prohibited in Nigeria; nonetheless, accusations made against crossdressers are based on common offenses that need to be substantiated with credible evidence.



Reacting to the post…


YoungsonMatt queried: “Which evidence dem need again? Those nonsense way dem Dey talk for live videos and podcasts, no reach for questioning.”

ThaGuru_ said: “Policemen will arrest young guys for wearing dreadlocks but can’t arrest cross dressers. Nigeria!!!!”

Abazz asked: “So he is trying to say everybody can be cross dressers and nothing will happen?”

Sim noted: “They’re not guilty until caught in the act. Unfortunately, they travel outside Nigeria to do it and come back.”


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