Why I am no longer close to Timaya and Illbliss: Terry G discusses his reasons for being a recluse.


The Nigerian artist Gabriel Oche Amanyi, often known by his stage name Terry G, has admitted that he is not friends with his colleagues.

Terry G. on Why I Don’t Think Marriage Is For Musicians He claimed that his connections to other musicians in the business are not stable.

His psychological trait was partly attributed to the “Akpako Master.”

He said that he has never established friends and is “a loner.” Terry G said on a recent episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast;

I have never had friends, not just in the music industry but my entire life. I am a loner.

“I spend my time at the studio. I usually have business colleagues, people who do business with me. I don’t play.

“To be honest, I think my child is my only friend. Any other person close to me, it is just business.

“There are some of my colleagues like Timaya who used to be close to me but we are not close anymore. And nothing happened. We just grew apart.

“We do phone each other but phone conversation is different from physical relationship. Although we always exchange pleasantries whenever we run into each other.

“My relationship with Illbliss is very cool, we had issues back then but we later settled.”

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