Why I’m giving up hugs to colleagues and others – BBNaija Vee

Actress and reality TV personality Victoria Iye, also known as Vee, has announced that she will no longer be embracing coworkers or anybody else.

Vee said that because deodorant was so inexpensive a long time ago, a lot of people are now afraid to hug her because the cost has increased.

The Big Brother Naija alumna expressed her concerns about the excessive expenses of personal care products by vowing to only begin hugging if deodorant prices decrease.

Vee posted on her social media accounts and said:

“I’m suspending all hugs until deodorant prices become more reasonable. It’s disconcerting that some individuals neglected their personal hygiene when deodorant was 1,000 naira; I fear for our well-being now that prices have soared to 5,000 naira.”

Vee voiced her displeasure with the high cost and upkeep of wigs, saying:

“I’m getting tired of wigs. The prices, the maintenance, the heat. It’s all too much for me right now”.

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