Why, once I became famous, Olamide advised me to break up with my girlfriend – Asake

The Nigerian musician Asake has related how, when he became famous, his employer Olamide told him to break up with his girlfriend.


He disclosed that he was ecstatic to receive his first large salary from music and told his fiancée everything, including his exact earnings.

To his surprise, Asake claimed to have given his lover N2 million as a gift, but she declined, stating that it was insignificant in comparison to the money he made.

He disclosed that he was concerned about her remarks as the woman in issue comes from a lowly background and he had not anticipated that kind of reaction.

The singer revealed that after explaining the circumstances to Olamide, he was told to break up with his girlfriend and to deliver the money to his mother.

Asake said he’s glad he went to his advice because his mother used the money wisely to start a large grocery business and hasn’t called him about money problems since.

In Asake’s words…


“When I made my first big pay check from music, I was so happy that I shared the news with my girlfriend. I gave her full details of how much I made and the next day, I gave her 2 million naira as a gift.

To my surprise, she turned it down saying 2 Million was too small compared to how much I had made. I was a bit worried coz this girl is from a humble background and I never imagined her to be like that.

I explained the situation to Olamide and he advised me to leave the girl, he also instructed me to send the 2 Million Naira to my mom. I’m glad I did coz my mom was able to make good use of the money and open a big provision store. My mom doesn’t call me for financial issues anymore coz she’s doing just fine…”

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