Why some believe I am a member of the Illuminati – Tyla

Grammy-winning singer and composer Tyla Laura Seethal, also referred to as Tyla, has stated that she believes that a growing number of individuals believe she is an Illuminati member.

This was said by the “Water” singer during an interview where she was featured on the cover of the most recent Cosmopolitan magazine.

She claimed it is false to think that the only path to superstardom in the international music business is to be a member of the Illuminati.

Tyla claimed that because of her quick ascent in the music business and her belief that “God is the center of everything,” many people mistakenly believe that she is a member of a cult.

People already think I’m in the Illuminati? Oh, now. I know some people think that’s the only way, but it really isn’t. God is the center of everything that we are doing, and clearly, it’s working,” she said.

On her new reality as a mixed-race South African in America, Tyla said, “When people are like, ‘You’re denying your Blackness,’ it’s not that at all. I never said I am not Black.

“It’s just that I grew up as a South African knowing myself as Coloured. And now that I’m exposed to more things, it has made me other things too. I’m also mixed-race. I’m also Black.

“I know people like finding a definition for things, but it’s ‘and,’ not ‘or’,” she added.

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