Woman describes how her military lover broke up with her, saying, “I felt so bad.”


The young woman tells how her military lover left her after saying that he had impregnant his previous girlfriend.

Lenora Nweze, the young woman, narrated how she and the military man had first met a few years prior and then reunited after some time had passed.

Lady’s boyfriend, a military man, dumped her.

As one thing led to another, he eventually told her that he had decided to break up with the girl he was seeing at the time because she had an affair.

She disclosed that one day the man admitted to her that he had accidentally impregnated his ex-girlfriend, despite how close they had become throughout their relationship.

This meant they had to separate ways. The young woman claimed that she was very close to the sister of her military boyfriend and that, under intense persuasion, the sister had admitted that her brother had not become pregnant from an ex-girlfriend.

She admitted that the reason he had to break up with her was because he didn’t like skinny girls and she was too thin.


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GIDEON commented: “after watching this ur video, I have to go to ur status and check omo, u lean true true oo”

maureenashinanim@gmail.com remarked: “may be you no get yanshi”

lenora Nweze stated: “I felt so baddd 🥺🥺💔”

rachelbebe765 commented: “the same with me my ex my left me because I was too slim then but now am married you can see how i Don addy”

user7378276581510 wrote: “sister u are not alone I was there too”

Lizzy Eve wrote: “This girl, story story come my brother na soldier we dey find slim wife for him, nne no mind me always love and cherish your self the way you are 🥰🥰”

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