Woman wheels in a dead man into bank in order for him to sign loan documents

A woman was spotted wheeling a deceased guy into a bank in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in an odd occurrence that was caught on camera.

She was trying to get a loan in her name by getting the deceased to sign off on it, according to a Daily Mail article.

The wife held up the man’s pale head and persuaded him to sign the paperwork, which made the bank workers suspicious.

Employees started recording the incident as it happened and eventually informed the police because of the peculiar circumstances.

Observers could see that something was wrong even though the woman was trying to hold the dead man’s head up and get him to sign.

A bank employee had reservations about the man’s pallor, to which the wife casually replied that he was “like that.”

The woman persevered in her attempts, going so far as to put a pen in the deceased’s hand and assist him with signing.

In the middle of this bizarre experience, she spoke to the dead, expressing a troubling disconnection from reality by promising to take him to the hospital if he felt ill.

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