Zack Orji made it through two brain operations. AGN President Emeka Rollas discusses the health condition of the veteran actor.

Actor Zack Orji is doing well after two successful brain surgeries, according to Emeka Rollas, national president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

On Wednesday, the president of AGN informed Afia TV that Zack needed to be transported overseas for a post-surgery assessment.

Emeka Rollas also conveyed his displeasure to individuals who disseminated untrue rumors on Zack’s passing.

He stated…


Because of the internet age, people just want to grow their page and they can spill nonsense, that was why somebody woke up yesterday morning and said Zack has passed on and I quickly reacted,”

“Zack is never in a position of seriously needing attention as to speak, if not because of privacy I would have just connected him on the phone here, you will see him.

He just needs a post-surgery evaluation abroad which we are gradually putting together money to send him abroad for that.

He has survived two brain surgeries, he is in good health, and he is speaking. For somebody to wake up and say that Zack has passed on, is inhuman.”

Emeka Rollas refuted online rumors that the actor had passed away after they started to circulate on Tuesday.

After collapsing on December 31, 2023, Zack, 64, was sent to the National Hospital’s intensive care unit in Abuja and later to a private hospital for surgery.

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