“In my humble view, this outfit is inappropriate for a woman engaged to a man of God.” A woman objects to Minister Theophilus’s fiancée’s attire.

Following the recent post of the Nigerian minister Theophilus Sunday who posted his engagement to a Jamaican woman.

A Nigerian woman who expressed her “modest perception” concerning Ashlee’s engagement dress condition has been subjected to harassment from online users.

The gospel singer expressed herself on Twitter using the handle @EzeJoyOma1.

She said that the minister’s fiancée’s attire was unfitting for a woman engaged to a man of God.

In her opinion, only her spouse should be able to see certain parts of her body that were exposed.

She held fast to her beliefs and insisted that they were legitimate in spite of the commotion.

She wrote;


“For me this dress is not decent for a wife to a man of God


That’s my humble opinion


Congratulations to you both


I never said the lady is not beautiful or that he made a bad choice,so why are you all triggered like this please.

I only posted based on my observations because every part of her body is only meant to be seen by her husband especially the place she exposed”

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