Many artists are using drugs as a result of being rejected.” MI Abaga exposes.

A renowned Nigerian hip-hop artist and music executive MI Abaga has opened up about why so many musicians abuse drugs.

The musician has brought attention to the widespread issue of mental health problems in the entertainment sector.

MI Abaga voiced his concerns in an interview regarding the susceptibility of individuals in the creative field to these kinds of problems.

According to MI Abaga, creatives—including artists—are more susceptible to mental health issues because they are frequently faced with rejection, hopelessness, and negativity.

He underlined that as things get worse for successful musicians, a lot of them turn to drug addiction as a coping method.

In his words…

“Creatives are generally more at risk of mental health challenges to the extent that even when we are in the middle of it, there is no support. We face a lot of rejection, hopelessness, and negativity. Yet, when one becomes successful, it gets even worse.

The problem is so big and many artists are turning to drug abuse. We need to tackle the issue collectively to find ways to help creatives in Nigeria and Africa when faced with rejection.”

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