According to Kenneth Okonkwo, I won’t act again till Nigeria surpasses America.


Actor Kenneth Okonkwo, a well-known veteran in Nollywood, has made a bold declaration regarding his future in the business: he will only think about returning to acting if Nigeria exceeds America in terms of development and advancement.

The trained attorney, who has over 30 years of expertise in the field, has recently gained notoriety in politics as the spokesperson for the Peter Obi campaign in the 2023 presidential election.

Kenneth Okonkwo claimed that he entered politics in order to save Nigeria from being destroyed in an interview with the “Mic On podcast” on March 23, 2024. He claimed that he doesn’t have much time for acting because of his political involvement and other interests.

In his words…

“I made a fortune as a Nollywood actor. It was just 2020 that I decided to start winding up,” he said. “I’ve made a determination for that to decrease so that my fight for a new Nigeria will increase. I’ve seen roles and turned them down, there’s no time anymore for it (acting).” 

Kenneth Okonkwo emphasized that his decision to step away from the screen does not signify his departure from the business.

He declared that he could always start a film school or become an executive producer, and that a piece of him will always be in Nollywood.

He claims that only “if Nigeria becomes better than America” would ever convince him to give up acting in front of the camera.

He also added…

“The possibility is there because we have all it takes — men, materials, money. One thing that’s lacking is the power to combine, utilise and allocate these resources optimally to produce the desired goods and services that will make us achieve our objectives.”

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