After her husband forbade meat consumption in their home, the wife is horrified to discover payment receipts from Chicken Republic in his pocket.

Wife asks for guidance over her husband’s ban on meat intake in the house because of the financial circumstances, only to discover payment receipts from Chicken Republic in his pocket.

In an attempt to find guidance on how to handle her circumstances, the unidentified woman shared her story on a dating platform.

The woman disclosed that her husband made the decision to stop eating meat in the household due to the nation’s current economic circumstances.

Finding proof to support her suspicions that he was not living up to his end of the agreement shocked her.

She claimed that when she was cleaning his cloth, she discovered payment receipts from Chicken Republic, the store where he had been going to buy things even though they were not allowed to consume meat.

She said he purchases two chickens from the restaurant so he can eat everything by himself without anyone else knowing.

She wrote…

my hubby said due 2 economic situation of tins we should only eatmeat wen there is festive period dat thins cost.we hv only 1 child,do u no dat my hubby uses his money 2buy chicken 4rm chicken Republic&eat alone,l got 2no wen I was washin his clothes,he hides d paymnt receipts in one of his pocket”


See Reactions that followed the post; said: “It’s good to marry a sensible partner and also have your own money.”

_somebodys1stson remarked: “You mean you have 2 kids and you are a single mom cuz that’s no husband let alone a man. A man makes sure everyone at home is satisfied first before indulging his personal cravings. You never marry yet”

chiomaosondu penned: “Buy your own too na.. have money before marriage una no Dey hear, now look at you a wifey with no meat 🥩 😂😂😂😂”

charliepumpin asked: “Which kind people some of una dey marry? 🙄🤔”


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