Woman gets her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her forehead.

A stunning woman who went to a tattoo parlor to get her boyfriend Paul Kibe’s name inked on her forehead is causing a stir on social media.

The woman is seen captioning the recent video, “My woman wish I love you.” which has received millions of likes and shares.

The woman is seen in the video lying on a bed in what looks to be a tattoo parlor as the artist applies tattoos to her body.

Shortly after the video begins, it becomes evident that the tattoo artist has already completed his work, as “Paul Kibe” is tattooed onto the woman’s face.

Concerned people have flocked to the post’s comment section to voice their opinions in response to the lady’s audacious move.


View a few responses below:


Joanne47: “This is what we call being obsessed with someone 😳😳😳and obsession in a relationship is bad.”

Ythera Generator: “Show me you’re a new comer in love without saying it.”

Nyandera Dorah Dorothy: “Premium tears loaded my fellow African sister don’t for get.”

BellaNelson: “how funny you share the same name as someone I know 😂😂😂it wasn’t all funny at first until I saw you to confirm.”

@Noniee: “i pray to God that this kind of love never to locate me.”

kanicynjuguna: “Imagine when she get old ?..what about if the Relationship not gonna last?”



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