After prison officials determined Bobrisky’s male parts are intact, VeryDarkMan creates a diss song for him.

VeryDarkMan, the controversial self-proclaimed activist, has recorded a diss song for Bobrisky following the revelation by police that his manhood is still intact.

The results of the NCoS probe were previously made public by an official after Bobrisky’s controversial entrance to the prison as a transgender person.

A top officer at the Ikoyi Custodial Center revealed to PUNCH journalists in a private interview that the transgender person who was given a six-month term had been checked upon admission.

Upon inspection, they found that Bobrisky, the transvestite, had not had any surgical or non-surgical gender realignment or modification of his male organs, despite his claims to the contrary.

Following this disclosure, VeryDarkMan made a diss song for Bobrisky and used his page to make fun of him.

He continued by saying that some witnesses assert that Bobrisky’s manhood is three times larger than his own.


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