“You can’t give up your passion for marriage” – Patience Ozokwor

Expert cinema actor Patience Ozokwor, often referred to as Mama G, has discussed why, in her opinion, a woman should never give up on her career—especially if it is her passion—just because her spouse thinks she shouldn’t.

Patience Ozokwor used a personal narrative about her own marriage to support her argument, saying that when her husband fell ill, her sister advised her to stop acting.

She clarified that since it was their only chance of survival, she didn’t do it.

The celebrated actress revealed in a Sunday Sun exclusive interview that not even her spouse had urged her to give up acting.

In Patience Ozokwor’s  words:


My dear, that is not done anywhere. You can’t tell me to give up on my passion just because we got married. For instance, if someone studied nursing for over five years, you then tell her not to venture into it because you are her husband, it is not done. And for this acting, you know it is one passion that can drive you crazy, that makes you so happy.

I remember then when I started acting my husband was very sick, my sister told me to stop acting and take care of my husband, but I told her no. I mean he is sick and he is not working and she wants me to give up my work too.

My husband even told me not to give up, he will always tell my kids to put my movies for him so he can watch them. I made sure I registered him at UNTH for the best treatments, and when he had a crisis, I ran back to him. So, you can’t give up a passion for marriage.”

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