All the wrong motives led me to marry Charly Boy.

The 46-year marriage of Nigerian singer and composer Charles Oputa, better known by his stage name Charly Boy, to his wife was arranged for all the wrong reasons, as he has disclosed.

The well-known activist stated that he was looking for the wrong attributes when he married his current wife in his early 30s in an interview with Pulse on Inside Scoop, which was presented by reality TV celebrity Uriel.

He claimed that since singing was his new pastime, he was searching for a woman with a decent figure, beauty, and singing ability. Nevertheless, the reasons listed above were all incorrect.

He said that he had so much yearning for those qualities at the moment.

Charly went on to say that he is no longer attracted to a woman’s attractiveness, nyash, or breasts and that he now wants something different.


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