“Wunmi and her family appear suspicious now,” says Saida BOJ, urging a DNA test.

After a public conflict between Wunmi Aloba and her sister, controversial female critic Saida BOJ comments on the dispute surrounding the paternity of Mohbad’s son through DNA testing.

This occurred just hours after Wunmi’s sister said the deceased musician had repeatedly given his wife STDs, forcing her to take antibiotics all the time.

Wunmi, on the other hand, quickly refuted the accusations, insisting on maintaining her son’s father’s reputation and saying that she never made such assertions against him.

Speaking about the tension between the two, Saida BOJ accompanies those who are adamant about Liam Light having a paternity test.

She claimed that the family is growing suspicious in a recent video posted on her social media page, especially in light of the sisters’ contradictory behavior.

In memory of her late husband and to put a stop to the outcry over the matter on social media, Saida urged that Wunmi take the DNA test once and for all.

โ€œWhen did you move from mourning Mohbad to mocking him? You know he is the father of your child, then you should be able to do the DNA test. Do you like how his body is lying in the motuary?โ€ she said in part.

View the video down below.

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