AMVCA10: Lilian Afegbai tears as she celebrates Kehinde Bankole’s victory.

Lilian Afegbai, a Nollywood actress, cried with happiness as she congratulated colleague and friend Kehinde Bankole on winning the AMVCA10’s “Best Lead Actress” title.

The news that Kehinde Bankole won the 2024 African Magic Viewers Choice Awards for Best Lead Actress for her performance in the Saturday, May 11 film “Adire” is no longer news.

As she celebrated Kehinde’s triumph, her friend Lilian Afegbai broke down in tears and remarked how happy she was for her friend’s well-earned victory, saying it had been long coming.

Kehinde posted the video on her Instagram page, where she discussed their friendship and sincere love for one another.

In her words: “In her words: “The love has been real.. This means a lot to me @lillyafe my friend indeed, we have a motto, she is my no stress friend our motto is “Pick up where we left off” we may not see each other for months, but once we link up we just continue like we never left, we hardly ever fought about anything, such a simple happy vibe soul. Please celebrate my friend guys. This is a thank you post Lilly, I love you ‘Akanchawa baddie!’ 😉 #amvca10.”

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