Apostle Johnson Suleman Exposes the True Cause of Mr. Ibu’s and Herbert Wigwe’s Deaths

Suleman describes the peculiar family pattern that resulted in the deaths of Mr. Ibu and Herbert Wigwe.

The two well-known Nigerian individuals’ deaths, according to Omega Fire Ministries International’s senior pastor and general overseer, were not ordinary.

Following the passing of Mr. Ibu and Herbert Wigwe, he observed some strange behaviors.

Apostle Johnson Suleman talked about how Mr. Ibu met a similar end to that of his father and grandparents who died from poisoning.


Apostle Suleman further mentioned that Herbert Wigwe’s sister passed away while returning from a honeymoon, his older brother perished in an accident, and he himself met a similar end.


Apostle Johnson Suleman emphasized that unless they are broken, foundational curses persist and can effect anyone, whether or not they are born again.



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