Phyna explains why it’s time to “pack your load” after three years of dating with no indication of marriage.

Reality TV star Phyna has advised her female viewers not to date any males who, after three years of dating, show no indications of becoming married.

This piece of wisdom was provided by the Big Brother Naija actress, who recently branded herself the pioneer of hype women in Nigeria, on her podcast, Spill With Phyna.

She advises women to end a relationship with a man after three years of dating if he shows no indication of getting married or starting a family.

Phyna emphasized Edo State as the experts in these kinds of collaborations.

She claims that Edo men will date a lady for ten years without planning to tie the knot.

To keep these women, they trick them by using the colloquial phrase “our wife” and the front seat of their cars.

See reactions to the post below;

Princeton wrote: “I don’t like you but Im gonna agree with you on that”

Big psticks questioned: “Phyna spoke sense today ? Delete this post and repost again this isn’t phyna 💀”

abakealase says “Single people giving relationships advice”

premium bby gal queried: “Edo men, so this is what y’all do in Edo state 😌😌”



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