As Asake unfollows Olamide, Yhemolee, and other users on Instagram, conjecture abounds on the internet.

Ahmed Ololade, better known by his stage name Asake, is a Nigerian music sensation who recently made waves on social media with an audacious move that made him the talk of the town.

The singer of “Lonely At The Top” didn’t hold back and started a fresh on his Instagram page, deleting every single picture and unfollowing each and every one of his fans.

Asake went one step further by severing connections with everyone on Instagram, including his close friend Yhemo Lee and his  mentor Olamide. Upon Inquisitive check on his page, it became evident that his digital cleanse had affected everyone.

Asake’s redesign of Instagram created quite a stir on social media and sparked a heated discussion among users. Some expressed their dissatisfaction, calling him conceited and drawing comparisons to Wizkid’s widespread unfollowing frenzy, but others saw his behavior differently.

Another story took shape, in which some said that Asake’s deeds were the realization of a pastor’s prophecy.

See screenshot here;


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