Student’s school at Makoko, Lagos, to be built by Kai Cenat

The well-known American streamer and YouTuber Kai Cenat has disclosed his intentions to establish a school for kids residing in Makoko, an unofficial neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria.

When Kai Cenat shared his observations from his trip to Nigeria earlier this month on a live webcast, it went viral.

The skit creator, Shank, gave the American streamer and YouTuber a warm welcome when he arrived in Nigeria.

But later on, Nigerian musician Davido assumed hosting duties, giving Kai Cenat a more thorough tour of the bustling metropolis of Lagos.

Cenat talked passionately about his experiences in Makoko throughout his live stream, emphasizing how important it is to provide the village’s children with educational possibilities.

He stated that the school’s preparations are already underway and emphasized the importance of cooperation in achieving this objective.

“I’ve started the process of building a decent school in Makoko for the children who live there,” Cenat declared. He went on to invite anyone who has the necessary connections in the building and equipment acquisition industries to come forward and support the project.

He penned;

“I have set the ball rolling on plans to build a good school in Makoko for the kids living there.” 

See netizens’ Reactions here …

@_Tri_stan alleged: “He is really milking Nigeria for clout because what ppl are you looking for? When you came didn’t you have ppl you stayed with and showed you around? Cant u work work with shank and others to build the sch instead of making noise?”

@iam_joshoodz expressed: “Hopefully it works out, the kids can’t wait.”

@ItzBarbieAlmie shared: “Them no tell am ?… Those people are not ready for progress, Don’t even get me started on the tribal and gang issues they have, all that prevents them from letting people help them… I was harassed and threatened because i wanted to help feed their community… Most traumatic things I’ve had to live through… Take your money elsewhere Kai”

@badinflu3nc3_ reacted: “Naaah I don’t believe he will fulfill that. Same thing that Wizkid promised with no results.”

@MrDwein opined: “I think corruption and greediness is gonna step in 😑🤦🏿💔”

@Buddin_Rapunzel said: “Omg, God bless him!

Hopefully he finds the right people who will show him workings, appreciate his efforts and not scam him.🙏🏾”

Watch video here…

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