“Aunty ramota look like shigidi orita.” – Reactions as Aunty Ramota flaunts her heavily applied makeup

A highly visible video that has been making the rounds on social media shows the well-known Nollywood actress, Aunty Ramota, being praised for her clever use of heavy makeup.

In the video, two people who were obviously amazed with Aunty Ramota’s makeup approached her as she was on her way.

They wanted to know where her immaculate appearance came from and whether she had received help.

In a flash, Aunty Ramota answered, proud to say that she had completed the task alone. After congratulating her on her outstanding work, the individuals parted ways.

Since then, a large number of people have left comments on the image, offering their opinions on the Nollywood actress’s makeup.


View a few responses below:

Elizabeth Omolara: “like masquerade wey comot for hot sun.”

ktab1008: “can’t stop laughing.”

SYMBEE: “Eye shadow ni under eye🤣🤣🤣🤣na comfirm makeup by ramota.”

sarahpearl40: “Aunty ramota will not kill me.”

Kayode Adefolaju: “make dey try open make up shop for aunty ramota she too sabi the work she really try.”

Adejummy: “aunty ramota look like shigidi orita.”

Olori K Gold Adunni: “Won de wa mose make up yen fine.”

ayanfebea37: “beautiful ramota.”

leemar: “Makeup by rahmota.”


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