Legends should be respected by younger artists, says ID Cabasa

Veteran record producer ID Cabasa, whose real name is Olumide Ogunade, has openly discussed the ongoing dispute between up-and-coming musicians and industry titans.

His remarks follow a public spat between Burna Boy and Eedris Abdulkareem, which provoked a contentious discussion on social media.

ID Cabasa stressed the importance of mutual respect and understanding between up-and-coming musicians and seasoned performers in a recent episode of the Afrobeats Podcast.

ID Cabasa says that while veterans should act honorably, younger artists should pay tribute to the classics that came before them.

He also underlined the need to honor the original gangsters and the need for veterans to encourage upcoming musicians rather than be unduly judgmental.

He declared:

“The new guys need to respect the OGs. The OGs need to be more honourable. You are not competing against these guys. If you see yourself as a competition to these guys, what you’ve done is that you’ve mortgaged your honour.”

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