“Benefits”: Amidst marital crisis, AY Makun gushes over the beauty of his 16-year-old daughter.

Nigerian comedian AY Makun has angered his fellow citizens after a rift in his marriage to his beautiful wife, Mabel Makun.

In an extended Instagram post, the humorous actor admitted his shortcomings and disclosed the dissolution of his 20-year marriage.

A little while later, AY posted a video of his first daughter Michelle, who had turned sixteen, beaming with pride at her increasing elegance and beauty.

The young girl looked gorgeous in an evening gown designed by renowned stylist Medlin Boss that was green and dazzling.

AY wrote, “Benefits…” as the description for this Instagram photo.


Many of the comedian’s admirers and followers reacted negatively to his caption, criticising him for his failed marriage. View their responses below:


academics_extra: “So children are no longer blessings? She’s a benefit whether you guys agree or not. Twisting everything to negativity.”

charles.gaius: “I really don’t understand why Nigerians don’t mind their business instead of focusing on their shattered life and family, they keep talking about someone’s family they no nothing about.”

cute_mjt: “My respect for AY is enormous. However, this post isn’t necessary. ‘Benefit’? People are wise while many can read meanings. This post isn’t necessary…. Ofcourse we all know what you were referring to…

“If it’s all you benefitted from the 20years marriage then you never loved and valued your wife. This is outright disrespect. Marriage is beyond child benefit. It’s lifetime respect, value and oneness…. Your post is out of order sir or the timing is wrong….You can do better…. May you all find reason to settle. Love and light.”

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